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Sunday, March 31, 2013

My revival :)

Hello my dear friends!

It was so difficult days for me and my family so I totally have had no force to do ordynary things. It was like I was a zombie... I eat, I sleep, I visit my mom in hospital, I try to play with DD, I try to take acre about all my family - and I feel like all these things make some one other, not me. So I was compelled to address to the doctor as a result.
Mom feel yourself more better. She can walk (not too much but it's very well, she can't do it earlier) and most part of her pain is gone.
She spent about two months in neurosurgery office, and then in vascular surgery. We were afraid that it is necessary to do new operations. And in her condition it is very dangerous, any bleeding can become deadly. But now her health obviously improved. She is at home with us now.
Many thanks for all your kind comments, letters and cards for my mom!

But these days brought a good news for us too. I am pregnant :) I am happy, but I still feel huge weakness - I want to drink and sleep only. Strange feelings. For the first time everything was in a different way. But my baby had to suffer very nervous mother who cried in the first weeks too much, yet didn't know about pregnancy.

Hope you are all enjoying this Easter weekend with your loved ones!
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 Thanks everyone  and have a lovely day!

Elena (A-liya)