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Friday, January 4, 2013

Very bad time...


My dear friends,
Thanks for all your letters with Christmas congratulations. But Christmas days in our family were very sad.
My mom was brought down by the car on December, 25th. All this time she was in branch of neurosurgery and I was with mom in hospital.
Yesterday I have come back home to my daughter and husband.
there was so terrible days...
Mom's hand is broken, she have a heavy injury of the head , her feet are injured too... I can't look at her face without tears. Actually she has a huge hematoma on the whole right half of head, the face is covered with bruises and hematomas... She has three heart operations before and now she accepts special chemicals for reducing of blood viscosity therefore small internal bloodings are proceed still.
I planned to begin this year otherwise. I have the invitation to join wonderful team of remarkable designers. I had many ideas for new kits. But now I am simply crushed and I am not able to return to design in the next days.
If you have opportunity - can you please to wish health to my mother. I believe that it will help her to rise somewhat quicker from a hospital bed and to return to former life.

Take care of you!