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Thursday, March 13, 2014

My simple miracles

Hello guys!

 I kept silence lately. Last weeks were very difficult for us. Nastya was sick with chickenpox. And when she almost recovered Masha was sick the same way. She was 3,5 months only! My poor girls!
Today they feel themselves much better and I can breath free. When kids have a good health - it's a big gift and simply miracle for me :)

So please welcome this newest minikits which I've prepared for a Creative Box project at Digital Crea!

My simple miracles {Elements pack}

My simple miracles {Papers pack}



My simple miracles {Word Arts}



Please take a look at these lovely LOs!

 And I am glad to declare that today my set participates in the stock "1,5 Euro"! Hurry to come trudging "Blessed time" (this huge kit consist of 15 papers and more than 100 beautiful elements in different variants - 195 elements in total!!!) for only 1,5 euros!


And a small gift for all who found forces to read this long post :) Clustered elements from "My simple miracles" set:

Thanks for looking! 
I wish all of you many simple miracles!


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